B r a d E r n s k e

About Me

I feel like I was born with a camera in my hand.  My first memory of photography started at the age of two. My camera of choice: a toy Polaroid camera. My subject: My Mom, taking a picture of me while I shuttered one of her. My creative life is strongly influenced by women and I think that is a wonderful thing. Aside from my mother, my aunt and high school photography teacher introduced me to this world of capturing images and developing memories. In fact, most of the images I capture are of strong, fierce women in unforgiving landscapes. There is something very powerful in freezing a moment in time and reliving it whenever you choose, which is why people are my favorite subjects. Shooting landscapes are always great but once you insert a subject (human) into the frame, the image changes to one of life rather than earth.

I find that I prefer the classy aesthetic of black and white film stock and developing processes but I also constantly experiment and manipulate color film stock and developing processes with abstract methods to distress the medium. Shockingly enough, I did not shoot on color film stock until I enrolled in college – 16 years after picking up a camera! To this day I still prefer the look of film over a digital medium; contrary to the name of my company: TheDeathofFilm.

I’m currently based in Los Angeles, where you’ll often find me cruising around with an old camera. Let's Shoot!

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